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Grand Opening Has Been Moved To 24.11

Wielkie otwarcie 17.11 (piÄ…tek) 20:00 czasu serwera

 I decided to extend the testing period until next Thursday, November 23.  And the server will be launched on Friday, November 24.  In my opinion, it is better to launch the server later with a refined configuration than to launch it now and discourage players with errors.  I thought I could handle the configuration faster, but there were a lot of problems.  Besides, in my private life I have a little less time due to too much work.  I hope that as players waiting for a good server, you will be understanding.  People who are on the server discord see that I am trying to prepare everything as best as I can.  Season 19 is really very demanding in terms of file configuration.

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Currently this is only one server.